As the health food industry changes and evolves for humans, it is only natural for the same trends to eventually make their way into our pet foods, as well. Since the vast majority of parrot owners would consider their birds to be part of the family, it makes sense that they’d want to feed their parrots healthful and nutritionally balanced foods. Since there is a current demand for human foods and snacks that have fewer artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, it would make sense that there is also a demand for pet foods to match.

There are also many different personalities of parrots in the world, ranging from the “garbage disposal bird who could probably eat a tin can,” down to the “super finicky parrot who’d rather DIE than eat that.” Some parrots simply will not stray from the traditionally bland colors of their staple seed diet in order to taste a vegetable or colored pellet. Trying to expand the palate of these parrots can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

The answer to this demand is Zupreem Natural pellets. Each pellet contains 21 necessary vitamins and minerals, but with absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. These little brown pellets pack a lot of nutrition into a little bit of crunch. Even the most paranoid of parrots won’t find the Zupreem Natural pellets concerning in their food dish as the bland color and shape will remind them of their favorite traditional seed diet. Since Zupreem pellets are a complete and balanced bird food, they are suited to be a large portion of your bird’s diet, but can also be used as a supplementary measure with a fresh food or seed mix to ensure your bird is eating a well-balanced diet.

While the Natural pellets may not have the colorful appeal of the Zupreem FruitBlend pellets, it is still guaranteed to deliver the same levels of nutrition, without the things your bird doesn’t need. As we’ve said before, variety is important to keeping your companion parrots happy and engaged in their everyday lives; so, we encourage you to offer your parrot a few different food options every single day to ensure their minds are stimulated and their palates satiated!

What is your sure-fire way to subdue your bird’s hunger? Do you have a favorite homemade recipe, or a brand your bird really enjoys? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! When you share your experiences with us at Bird Cages 4 Less, you aren’t just helping us – you’re helping your internet flock, as well. We love to hear from you! Keep checking in with us and you can take a peek at all of our food options over on the full site.


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Zupreem Natural Pellets – For the Crunchy Parrot in the Family

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