Hello, new parrot parent, or PARRONT, and welcome to your new life as a bird owner!¬†While we at Bird Cages 4 Less are just one part of parronts online, we hope to be a common place for you to seek advice on how to best care for your new feathered family member. As you’ll learn over time, being a parront is a unique experience when compared to sharing your home with other types of pets. Parrots, and all companion birds, are highly intelligent, quirky, and very human-like in their mannerisms. While your bird himself will be your best teacher on behavior, you can rely on us to help you get their basic needs situated! Here’s a short guide that will direct you on where to seek more in-depth information on each category of parronting. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on ANY article – and we will get back to you, as soon as possible!

To get started, select the parrot you have in the lists below! The link will take you to a condensed page specifically for your sized bird, and you’ll be able to browse our top cage, perch, toy, and feeding recommendations from there.

Small Parrots

American parakeet, Budgie, Moustached parakeet, Derbyan parakeet, Lineolated parakeet, Plum-headed parakeet, Indian or African Ringneck parakeet, Canary-winged bee-bee or parakeet, Rosy Bourke parakeet, Rosella, cockatiel, Green cheek conure, kakariki

Medium Parrots

Black-headed or White-bellied caique, Sun conure, Jenday conure, Nanday conure, Cherry-headed conure, Rainbow lory, Chattering lory, Black lory, Hahn’s macaw, Illeger’s macaw, Severe macaw, Yellow-collared macaw, Cape parrot, Senegal parrot, Meyer’s parrot, Red-bellied parrot, Ruppell’s parrot, Brown-headed parrot, Quaker parrot, Alexandrine parakeet, Great-billed Parrot

Medium-Large Parrots

African Grey parrots РCongo and Timneh, all species of Amazon parrots, including Yellow-shouldered, Yellow-crowned, Yellow Naped, Double Yellow Headed, Blue-front, Mexican Red-head, Lilac-crowned, Orange-winged, and Mealy Amazon parrots, all Eclectus parrot sub-species such as Solomon Island and Vosamaeri, Blue-headed Pionus, Dusky Pionus, White-capped Pionus, Bronze-winged Pionus, Goffin cockatoo, Bare-eyed cockatoo (Little Corella), Slender-billed cockatoo (Long-billed Corella), Gang-gang cockatoo, Rose-breasted cockatoo (Galah), Lesser Sulfur Crested cockatoo, Severe macaw, Military macaw, Red-fronted macaw, Patagonian conure, Hawk-headed parrot

Large and Extra-Large Parrots

Military macaw, Red-fronted macaw, Scarlet macaw, Green-winged macaw, Blue and Gold macaw, Buffon’s macaw, all hybrid macaws such as the Camelot, Harlequin, Calico, and Catalina, Hyacinth macaw, Umbrella cockatoo, Moluccan cockatoo, Greater Sulfur Crested cockatoo, Red-tailed Black cockatoo, Black Palm cockatoo

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