Does your bird ever seem bored eating the same food day after day? As a person who tends to only eat a small number of things on a regular basis, even I can’t imagine only having one option of food with no say in the matter – for my entire life! A great way to keep your bird both happy and interested in his daily meal is to offer a healthy variety of foods, ranging from pellets to seeds to fresh fruits and vegetables. When offered only seeds, birds may become incredibly choosy and only want to eat their absolute favorite seed; while this will make him happy, it also will make him vitamin and mineral deficient. Offering a flavorful and visually appealing pellet is a great way to make sure your bird is getting the nutrients he needs without sacrificing the joy of eating.

There’s no easier way to mix up your bird’s diet than starting with America’s #1 selling bird food – Zupreem FruitBlend pellets. Every pellet is formulated with 21 vitamins and minerals and fresh fruit flavors, but the best part is that your parrot will absolutely love it! There are very few birds that will resist the FruitBlend pellets for long; even parrots that have been on a seed diet for many years are tempted to taste the colorful pieces. As it is a┬ácomplete and balanced food, Zupreem pellets can be fed as the main portion of your bird’s diet to ensure he consumes necessary vitamins and minerals. Even though there are many colors and shapes in your bag of Zupreem FruitBlend, each piece contains the same healthy ingredients in all the same measurements – so, when your Amazon decides that he ONLY likes the green shapes that week, he’ll still be getting everything he needs to be a healthy, albeit picky, parrot. Zupreem FruitBlend comes in several sizes to suit the needs of all pet birds! Whether you have a canary, cockatiel, or Umbrella cockatoo, there is a pellet size perfect for you. For your convenience, Bird Cages 4 Less carries each size pellet in several size bags in order to serve your flock best! While buying in bulk tends to save money, remember that all pet foods may spoil if not stored properly, and that nutrient profiles may decrease overtime, so only buy what you believe your flock will use in approximately three months.

I have been using these pellets for over three years, and am very happy with the results. Both Symon and Murphy, my Grey and Amazon, receive excellent blood work-ups annually, and their feather condition is the best it’s been since I adopted them! Symon was underweight for nearly a year before he started to eat Zupreem, and Murphy was the opposite – nearly 90 grams overweight – but both of them have arrived at a healthy weight after having the FruitBlend pellets as a major component of their diets. After two years of much trial and error, it is a big relief to have found a food that is not only nutritionally complete, but affordable and tasty! There have been a few times where I was running low and tried to skip giving the boys their pellets and just give extra seeds instead, and you’d think they were staging a mutiny. They love their Zupreem FruitBlend pellets even more than sunflower and pumpkin seeds – and that’s saying something!

What is your bird’s favorite pellet? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from our flock so join us here as we explore the different types of Zupreem pellets and the many ways you can keep your companion parrots healthy and happy.

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A Tasty Twist on the Average Pellet: Zupreem FruitBlend

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