Do you have a “cheat day”? Some of us do it on Fridays, others only on days that end in “y”, but have you ever thought of including your parrot, too? A great way to make sure your parrot is always excited to eat, but also gets the best nutrition, is to give them a healthy treat that they’ll never suspect is good for them!┬áBecause parrots are incredibly intelligent, Zupreem went with a different approach with these two flavors of pellets. Rather than trick them into eating, they’ve designed pellets which are so delicious, your parrot won’t even care that he’s eating a healthy diet!

Much like toddlers, parrots can be picky, choosy, and attempt to go blue in the face so they don’t have to eat their vegetables. It’s very unlikely, however, that your bird will want to reject the Zupreem VeggieBlend pellets. Four shapes with different levels of crunch and a different feel when held in the foot are sure to keep your bird’s gears turning as he happily eats his carrot-flavored pellets. Although this pellet size is aimed at birds similar to the Senegal parrot or larger, a pulse or two in a food processor will make this pellet blend into the perfect size for smaller birds, too!

Do you have a bird who can’t resist peanut butter, almonds, or pistachios? While these have many benefits for the “health nut” in your bird, they also tend to be high in fat! Another way to get the great flavor of mixed nuts without the extra fat is to include Zupreem NutBlend in your bird’s diet. Similar to the VeggieBlend, it is a single bag with a few pellet sizes mixed in, suitable for Senegals or larger, unless you want to break out the food processor.

Variety is so important in keep your bird’s mind active throughout his daily life. Although routines are largely pushed on parronts and we are constantly reminded that parrots are creatures of habit, it is also our job as parronts to expand their horizons and keep them from becoming bored. Since parrots are animals which would spend most of their waking hours in search of food in their native habitats, many of their foraging instincts go to waste when just a single food is offered to them on a day-to-day basis, for the majority of their lives. Join us next week as we discuss foraging toys, and opportunities to turn snack time into a brain teaser for your companion parrot.

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Pellets So Unique, They’ll Think it’s a Treat: Zupreem NutBlend and VeggieBlend

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