Are you just getting set to bring your first bird into the family? Perhaps you’re adding a new companion parrot? Either way, we have an excitingly simple way to take the hassle out of bird food and toy shopping, so you can spend more time bonding with your new feathered friend. Introducing Paco’s Picks Starter Packs for small, medium, and large birds! These package deals are designed with both parront and parrot in mind. A bag of pellets, a few toys, a new perch, and cleaning accessories make Paco’s Picks a no-brainer. If you are looking for help with cage choices, or additional perch options, just click these links for more reading!

Paco’s Picks were specially chosen to make bringing shopping for your bird painless. Two toys are included to make sure your new pal feels right at home, and a rope perch is sure to make him feel extra cozy. A bag of Zupreem FruitBlend pellets¬†are a great way to entice your bird to eat right away. Why are FruitBlend pellets so great? Well, you can read about them in their very own post here! The final piece of the starter kit is Poop-Off Wipes. Even the most regal of parrots is bound to poop on his perches from time to time, and the easiest way to clean them is by using Poop-Off! This enzyme cleaner is also great for cleaning food and poo off the bird cage bars, and the grate.

What better way to spoil your parrot than with a brand new rope perch and his favorite pellets? Paco’s Picks come in three sizes with each of your birds in mind! If you’re the proud parront of a bird similar in size to a cockatiel, Indian Ringneck parakeets, Quaker parrots, or Green Cheek conures, then you’ll want to select the “small” package. For the parronts of birds like African Grey parrots, Amazon parrots, Senegal parrots, or small cockatoos, you’ll want to select the “medium” package. And, finally, for big bird fans like Blue and Gold or Greenwing macaws, Moluccan or Umbrella cockatoos, and similar birds, you’ll want to select the “large” package.

Are you excited to try one of Paco’s Picks? Let us know which you’ll be buying for YOUR feathered friend in the comments below!

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