Are your birds ready to welcome a new season with a brand new living arrangement? Let’s all MARCH into springtime and talk about cages! Shopping for a new bird cage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can be fun with the right retailer. Bird Cages 4 Less invites you to grab your morning mug, and cozy up with your companion parrot to read our March Cage Series. Throughout the month of March, join us tonexplore the many options we have to offer for your special feathered friend.

While we’ve talked a lot this month about parrots, it’s no doubt that songbirds are also a common part of many families with birds! Many popular species of finches are available to fill your home and heart with song including Society, Zebra, Gouldian, and the many kinds of Canaries. Because finches and other songbirds are not known for being hand-tame, they’re easy to keep happy once you have an appropriate flight cage loaded with perches, swings, tiny toys, and plenty of foraging and food.

So, what’s is a flight cage? Typically, it is a wide bird cage with mostly vertical bars, meant to accommodate tiny birds that fly instead of climb. This is a big difference from an average parrot-focused bird cage which has both vertical and horizontal bars. A high-quality flight cage will have sturdy bars and construction to ensure it lasts for the lifetime of your flock. Feeder doors will make it less likely that you’ll unnecessarily stress your untamed birds, and make food and water changes a snap. Using a bird cage without feeder doors also runs the risk of a bird escaping – and with an untamed bird, that is a scary experience for you both! So, to find the perfect bird cage for your small flock, take a look at these functional, and safe, options from Bird Cages 4 Less.

A personal favorite of mine for the finch enthusiast or breeder alike is the Hala Hotel Breeding cage. The cage is split into four compartments, or can be used as two large units. The entire bird cage is a size of 40 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 61 inches high. When split into the four compartment cages, however, each compartment is 19 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 17 inches high inside. This cage is safe for your smallest finches all the way up to small parrots with bar spacing of 1/2 inch!

As a breeder bird cage, you can have two pairs (one in the top unit, the other on the bottom) and use the entire unit level for the pair while you wish for them to breed and raise their chicks. You have the option of adding a divider to separate the male and female when you don’t wish for them to breed – but you don’t have to remove them from each other completely! This will reduce stress on your flock as a whole, and save you the stress of having to manually remove or place your birds.

As a pet bird cage, you can similarly keep two separate small flocks or same sex pairs and leave the dividers out so each set has the ability to fly for the full 40 inch length of the unit level. Finches having a squabble? Don’t worry – you can temporarily separate them with the dividers!

But let’s go back and look at the Hala Hotel’s features. This bird cage has food and water cups on each compartment, for a total of four sets of feeder doors. It also has a slide-out grate and tray for each compartment, for a total of four, to make cleaning a painless process. You’ll be able to move this cage with ease on easy-rolling casters, and keep all your birdie essentials together with the storage shelf below the cage. This cage has a large main door so placing perches and small toys isn’t a hassle. With five color options to choose from, you’ll be able to accent all of the colors in your flock!

The next two flight cages we’ll discuss are the same size: 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 31 or 35 inches high inside, and 1/2 inch bar spacing. Their differences come in appearance, construction, and a few other key features.

The Tiki Treehouse Flight cage is a more basic model, but is by no means of inferior quality. This bird cage has two access doors at the top and bottom of the front panel to make placing perches and accessories easy. The two feeder doors are not swing-out, but they do fit a long plastic aviary-style tray that can have many birds feeding at once. The bird cage also has two breeder box doors, easy-rolling casters, and a storage shelf below. You also have quite a few colors to choose from with this cage.

The Anahola Abode Flight cage has come up previously in the March Cage Series as a home for small parrots. It also makes a great home for finches! This bird cage has four swing-out feeder doors with stainless steel dishes. A single access door in the middle of the front panel makes placing perches and toys inside the cage easy. A storage shelf below the cage and easy-rolling casters accent the pagoda style top of this flight! While not quite as colorful as other flight cage options, this bird cage is available in elegant and classic shades to suit your home.

Regardless of your choice of flight cage, you’ll want to check back in for the month of April as we’ll be talking about bird perches! Perching options are so important – especially for our small, flighty companions. You can check out our full selection of perches, and flight cages on their respective tabs on our full site!

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The March Cage Series: the Flight Cage

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