Do you have a parrot who is obsessed with human snacks? Even though they aren’t nutritious or safe for birds, many of our pets love crackers, cookies, cake, and just about any sweet that they see us eating. In a flock of birds, each individual will share their snacks or show their friends where to find their own; our birds expect the same from us, but it isn’t always logical. While giving a healthy choice like a carrot or chunk of broccoli is ideal, many birds are not going to take a vegetable when what they actually want is your chocolate chip cookie. There’s an easier way to provide a wholesome, bird-safe treat that your bird will think is a human snack – Caitec’s Oven Baked Bird Munchies.

While many bird foods are human grade, they aren’t exactly “human tasty”; Bird Munchies are! I would know, because I’ve tasted one myself! Obviously meant to mimic human food, Bird Munchies have a soft texture, pleasant aroma, and taste like an unsweetened oatmeal cookie. The treats are made with oatmeal as the first ingredient, and fruits or vegetables for flavor depending on which bag you select. These treats are a favorite of both Symon and Murphy, and I usually cut each cookie into fourths so the bag lasts awhile.

Available in three yummy flavors, your bird is bound to like one or all of the Bird Munchies varieties. After a long day of shredding cardboard boxes, beating up their wooden apple toys, and chattering away, I think my boys deserve to have a cookie or two. After all, being that adorable is probably hard work! How will you use these bird cookies to reward your flock? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our entire selection of Caitec products on the food tab.

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Polly Wanna Cracker? How About a Cookie, Instead: Oven Baked Bird Munchies

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