As springtime goes into full swing, and we all have new bird cages to decorate, let’s shower our birds with new perches in April! We are not just bird cages at Bird Cages 4 Less. We have a great selection of perches in many different styles, and in every size you can imagine. So, invite your companion parrot to sit on your shoulder – his favorite perch – and learn something new about the perches your feathered friend should have!

After a rain storm, it isn’t uncommon to see a robin or sparrow splashing around in a puddle on the sidewalk. Despite a common misconception that birds are dirty creatures, it is quite the contrary – they love to take a good shower! BB (pictured left) is a prime example of birdie bliss after a birdie bath. Since it obviously isn’t safe to bathe your bird outdoors, parront Hilary B. hung a small swing in the shower for little BB to get a good soak. Ralph (pictured right) is a little too big for a swing – so his parront Teagan O. made sure he had the perfectly sized perch! FB_IMG_1461864719024

Now is the time of year where our birds start to drop feathers in what seems like the hundreds; In place of the old feathers are tons of itchy, crusty pin feathers. During their annual molt, many birds will want to bathe much more frequently and vigorously in an attempt to relieve the itching all over their bodies. Do your birds typically jump in their clean water dish as if it’s opening day at the community swimming pool? It’s no doubt that as soon as you try to vacuum, your bird is rearing up for a big “CANNON BALL!” splash. Bathing your bird doesn’t have to be a pain – and it doesn’t have to involve a water dish too small to fit their feathered butt. At Bird Cages 4 Less, we know that your bird is part of your family, and doesn’t the rest of the family take a shower? Now, your parrot can, too!
12985606_10204107503167467_2001621772116122669_nWe have Fold-Away Shower Perches in three sizes to suit every feathered family member. A sandy perching area makes it easy for your bird to have a firm grip even when he’s soaking wet. Jack (pictured left) shows that even his tiny feet can be stable with the sanded surface, especially since his parront Katie T. attached the perch perfectly to the wall! With three suction cups, our Fold-Away bird shower  perch will securely attach to any flat or tiled wall. Use isopropal alcohol to clean the wall and the suction cups, then hold firmly against the wall to ensure a firm seal. Leave the perch on the wall for a few minutes and tap on the end to make sure it won’t fall off. Once you believe the perch to be properly attached and steady, you can FB_IMG_1461864693034introduce it to your parrot! Some birds are sure to be fearful of new perches, and new places, so make sure you have a few tasty treats on hand to make the introduction easier.

When bathing your bird using the shower perch, you have a few options of what to do. Some parrots, like Simon (pictured right), will enjoy soaking themselves right in the stream from the shower head. Simon’s parront Caitlin K. was able to catch him in all his bathing glory! There are many gregarious parrots that are bound to bounce, dance, and squawk in delight in the shower stream. Make sure that the water is on the tepid to cooler side, as birds have sensitive skin and may be scalded or uncomfortable, just as a human, in hot temperatures. Remember – birds wouldn’t encounter a hot shower in the jungle, but they would encounter a chilly or sun-warmed puddle.

FB_IMG_1461864710690If your bird doesn’t seem too keen on bathing under the weight of the shower stream, you can always fill up a spray bottle and mist your parrot manually. Since it isn’t coming directly from the shower head, misted water t is unlikely to scald your parrot. Another benefit of misting your parrot is the ability to soak their entire body – if Gatsby (pictured left) were to stand under a shower, only her head and back would get wet. Her parront Melissa R. would be able to soak Gatsby from head to toe, however, if she were to use a misting bottle. 13015259_10100269253233285_6457630553843575713_n

If your bird seems nervous about both options, however, you can start off with a “steam bath”. Place the bird at the back of the shower, away from splashing water, and get in to take your own usual shower. Make sure shampoo and soap don’t get onto your bird, and just allow them to bask in the warm steam. Eventually, they should be curious enough to want to shower with you. At that time, either mist or allow them to dip their head into the shower stream! Steam baths may also be beneficial for elderly birds, such as Pepper (pictured left). Although he is healthy and looks like a spring chicken, parront Christie S. tells us that Pepper turned 20 years old this year! He, and other senior parrots, may not be as flexible as they once were and unable to bathe in their water dishes, or too sensitive to splash around too much on their shower perches. A steam bath is a great way for them to relax and experience a sauna – something elderly humans may also enjoy!

FB_IMG_1461864500722Aside from being a perfect shower perch, this bird perch can also be mounted on a window for an excellent view of the outside world. Our indoor parrots typically get a kick out of watching squirrels run around in the yard, or wild birds flying and landing in trees. Zeek (pictured left) gets a spot right next to the couch, and has a great view of a bush right outside the window! Parront Bethany S. has even attached a small toy to the end of the perch – just in case the outside world isn’t entertaining enough for Zeek.

How would your feathered friend react to sitting on a window-mounted perch? My boys don’t enjoy all the commotion and will fly off at the sight of an UFB – unknown flying birdie. You can let us know how your parrots react in the comments section – and don’t forget to share your photos and stories, as well. Make sure to keep checking back with us for the rest of the week as we wrap up the April Perch Series, and check out our full selection of perches on our full site!


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The April Perch Series: Shower and Window Perches

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