As springtime goes into full swing, and we all have new bird cages to decorate, let’s shower our birds with new perches in April! We are not just bird cages at Bird Cages 4 Less. We have a great selection of perches in many different styles, and in every size you can imagine. So, invite your companion parrot to sit on your shoulder – his favorite perch – and learn something new about the perches your feathered friend should have!


Most people are familiar with dogs and cats regularly needing their nails cut or filed, but some may neglect the same service for their parrots. Do you sometimes ignore or handle your precious parrot less due to sharp, uncomfortable nails on your skin? We’ve all been there – your bird hops onto your hand and OUCH! You can’t even remember the last time you’d given them a mani-birdie. While it’s recommended that you only cut the nails as needed, to ensure they can perch and climb properly, you should keep your bird’s nails dulled by filing. Most birds are not the biggest fan of being restrained for nail filing – and thankfully, we have a solution to extend the time between!

Pickle(pictured left) and his parront Lillian C. are already one step ahead and using a grooming perch! To make sure Pickle is always ready to play with her mom and two sisters, she uses this perch to keep her nails neat and rounded. I also one keep in my birds’ cages at all times. These perches are made of concrete, like Pickle’s, or coated in sand or similar abrasive and help to file down the tips of your bird’s nails while he’s in his cage. There are many styles and sizes available to suit every cage and every need!

My personal favorite is the Sand Walk grooming perch as it comes in quite a few colors, and has a varying diameter along the length of the perch, making sure it will exercise your bird’s feet while it files his nails! It attaches quickly and securely to the cage with plastic mounting hardware that is unlikely to strip or crack. My Congo African Grey, Symon, even likes to nap on this perch! Since the entire perch is coated in sand, however, keep an eye out for a bird who likes to use it TOO often, as your bird’s sensitive feet may become red or irritated. In this case, remove the perch for a few days or rotate it with another perch in the cage. Cleaning this style is very easy – just soak in hot water and use a toothbrush or similar tool to brush away any debris!

Another great option for small and large birds alike is the Cozy Corner perch. This unique style creates a semi-circle in the corner of the cage where your bird may like to snuggle by himself, or with a friend. Many birds enjoy the refuge of a confined space for a rest, and just perching upon it allowed the sand to do its job. As with the Sand Walk, watch for red spots on the bottom of your birds’ feet while using this product. PA0032_large3

Not all grooming perches come covered in sand; there are also concrete perches. These perches tend to be heavier, so they come with heavy-duty hardware to attach to the cage. These may not be compatible for small bird cages with wire bars. One such perch is the Polly Pastel Perch, which is available in many different sizes to suit any sized parrot in your home! Because it is a simple bolt-on style, this perch can be used just about anywhere in the bird cage, or in a carrier. Keeping a concrete perch clean is just as simple as a sand perch – hot water and a toothbrush will make it look brand new!

And, finally, a concrete perch that is sure to exercise your large parrot’s feet and leg muscles is the Twister Perch. It is often difficult to find a perch big enough for your macaw or cockatoo that will stand up to not only their weight, but their strong beaks, too. The Twister Perch is solid and durable with strong hardware to make sure it stays securely attached to the bird cage. The turning shape of this perch makes it certain that your bird won’t be sitting on a single, consistent diameter for very long – make sure your macaw doesn’t skip Leg Day – you can order the Twister Perch today!

How do you keep your bird’s nails neat and trimmed? Where is your favorite place to have a mani-birdie done? If you trim your bird’s nails at home, we’d love to hear about your techniques! You can leave us a comment below and share your experiences with the community. Don’t forget to take a peek at our full site’s selection of perches and join us here for the rest of the week to talk about all kinds of bird perches!


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The April Perch Series: Sand and Grooming Perches

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