Much like humans, parrots can have a wide range of personalities, temperaments, and dispositions. Some birds enjoy constant companionship while other parrots will prefer to hang out in peace, quiet, and solitude. Do you have a Velcro bird that wants to be by your side at all times? Perhaps your bird is the independent one, and you’re the Stage 5 Clinger! Either way, one great item we carry that will satisfy both you and your feathered friend – a Table Top Java Playstand.

You may wonder how a playstand could be great for both independent and clingy birds, as that seems like quite a contradiction. The secret is in how you utilize the stand!

For your clingy Cockatoo that just can’t seem to get enough of you, place a Table Top Java Playstand on a table next to the couch as you read or watch TV. Your bird will be happy to see you close-by and within arm’s reach – just in case he needs a scritch – which will keep him cool, calm, and collected. Keeping your bird close without keeping them on you will enable him to become confident in playing or relaxing by himself, with or without you. It also gives you the freedom to read without a bird trying to rip the pages, or relax without having to worry about imminent bird poop incidents.

If you happen to live with a very independent Amazon, a Table Top Java Playstand is still a smart investment; your bird will enjoy having his own place to sit and play, without having to sit on your shoulder, arm, or knee. The closeness may help you develop or maintain your personal bond with your parrot; birds that hang out together are usually part of the same flock, and the flock always sticks together! By simulating the flock image, you’ll ensure that your parrot looks at you as a friend and family member, and not just a treat dispenser.

Aside from being a functional tool in bonding with your parrot, a Table Top Java Playstand is a beautiful addition to your bird’s play area (formerly known as your living room). Since Java wood is a naturally hard and durable wood, the stand is likely to stand up to many chomps from even the strongest beaks, meaning it will last for many years to come! The smooth texture of Java makes it very easy to wipe clean, but may make it difficult for small parrots to keep their grip on larger sections. You can wrap too-thick areas of the perch with Vet Rap or jute rope to ensure your smaller birds can make full use of the Table Top Java Playstand.

Do you already have one of these Java wood stands? Share your pictures with us here, or on our Facebook page, and let us know how much you and your parrots enjoy it!

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Keep Your Parrot Close-By With a Table Top Java Bird Playstand!

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