Although large, colorful macaws tend to come to mind when the general public things of exotic birds, the vast majority of parronts own small parrots such as the Cockatiel, English Budgie, and Green Cheek Conure. This can cause quite a divide in the bird industry that leaves the owners of small parrots with few viable and quality options for cages and toys. Luckily, Bird Cages 4 Less is an inclusive retailer that supplies high-quality, functional, and attractive cages for ALL sizes of birds – from finches to Hyacinth macaws!

If you happen to be the loving owner of a bird similar in size to a Cockatiel, up to the size of a Senegal parrot, we have so many cage choices for you to check out, that it may be overwhelming! One cage that you’ll definitely want to consider is the Kokee Kondo Convertible Top bird cage. Unlike your typical small bird cage which consists of powder- or plastic-coated wires and a plastic bottom, the Kokee Kondo Convertible Top bird cage is a wonderfully sturdy wrought iron powder-coated cage that is sure to withstand the tests of time (and bird beaks!). Aside from just being built to last, powder-coated cages tend to add more visual appeal to your living space, rather than just looking like a bird cage; especially with the scalloped top, you’re sure to have guests and fellow parronts complimenting your bird’s new cage!

What good is a cage if it’s only styled for form and not function? Lucky for you, the Kokee Kondo Convertible Top bird cage is packed with great features that make keeping parrots a breeze. Three swing-out food or water bowls will make serving up meals the easiest part of your day, while the slide-out pan and grate makes cleaning up messes a snap. However, all work and no play makes Polly a dull birdie – so the Kokee Kondo Convertible Top bird cage has a fold-down patio AND a pop-open top for plenty of perching options! To make it easy for you, two perches are included with your cage purchase. Easy-rolling casters make moving your bird’s palace around the house so simple, he may start making demands. Beyond all of these great features, the Kokee Kondo Convertible Top bird cage is available in a multitude of beautiful colors to suit any fancy. Have we convinced you that your bird needs this cage yet?

We at Bird Cages 4 Less strive to keep our customers – and their owners! – happy. That’s why when you order from us, you aren’t just getting a bird cage. Each of our cages is eligible for a cost-conscious toy and accessory packages which may include a few size-appropriate toys, treats, or perches, depending on which option you choose. You can view all of our packages here! We also have cage covers available for all of our cages. To make sure you get the correct size, you’ll want to order the cover on the product page, when you purchase the cage.

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A Beautiful Cage for Cockatiels to Senegals – the Kokee Kondo Convertible Top Bird Cage

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