While it may be a no-brainer to send your human kids to school with an emergency contact, have you ever thought about doing the same for your parrots? No one likes to imagine bad things happening to themselves or their pets, but it is always better to expect the unexpected, and be prepared! Having an up-to-date and easily accessible emergency contact list is a great thing to have for pet sitters, boarding facilities, or even for yourself – just in case something happens.71uvNcev1JL._SL1400_

When making an emergency contact list, you’ll want to include the names and cell phone numbers of those listed. If this person responds to texts, that may be something to note, as well. For a simplified version for your wallet, consider one of these credit card-sized “My Pet is Home Alone” notifications, available on Amazon. These cards are especially important for people who, indeed, live alone. For a comprehensive list to keep at home or at work, your best bet is just a simple printed piece of paper that is either laminated or in a plastic cover, so it stays in good condition and won’t be easily damaged .

Consider the following to include in your list…

  • Spouse
  • Adult / older children
  • Roommates / housemates
  • Pet sitter, if you have one
  • Family members that live nearby
  • Neighbor
  • Co-worker
  • Your pet’s veterinarian
  • Your pet’s groomer

If possible, keep this list in your desk or the break room at work, and in the glove box of your car. Otherwise, this is a great list to leave on the refrigerator for your regular pet sitter or house sitter, just in case they have an emergency and you are unavailable to take the call.

No one has ever been burned for being TOO prepared, but plenty of people have looked back and wished they were MORE prepared. Take a few minutes today a create your own emergency contact list! Leave us a comment below on who you included, and where you leave your lists.

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Who is on Your Bird’s Emergency Contact List?

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