Are your birds ready to welcome a new season with a brand new living arrangement? Let’s all MARCH into springtime and talk about cages! Shopping for a new bird cage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can be fun with the right retailer. Bird Cages 4 Less invites you to grab your morning mug, and cozy up with your companion parrot to read our March Cage Series. Throughout the month of March, join us to explore the many options we have to offer for your special feathered friend.

Ah, finally. We’ve reached the end of the Playtop Bird Cage mini-series during our March Cage Series. We’re going to look at our caging options for the largest members of our families today. Moluccans, Greenwings, and Scarlets, oh my! For the context of this post, we’ll be including large macaws such as Blue and Gold, Greenwing, Scarlet, Buffon’s, Military, and hybrid macaws such as the Catalina and Harlequin. Large cockatoos include the Moluccan, Umbrella, Triton, Black Palm, and Red-tailed Black cockatoos. Hyacinth macaws are not being included in this article because they’ll be covered in their own special post at the end of the month.

As the owner of a large or extra-large parrot, you’re already aware of the limited options for appropriate caging that will provide your feathered friend with ample space to spread his wings, swing on a toy, and join in a screaming contest with the outside birds. But – what if we could make it easier? Bird Cages 4 Less set out to do just that, just for you! But, first, let’s talk safety.

Large and extra-large parrots do well in cages with bar spacing of 1 inch to 1 – 1/4 inch. While they are much bigger than our tiny cockatiel friends, they are just as likely to try to stick their head through cage bars. So, always assure your spacing is safe. Big birds mean big beaks and big feet – so a durable bird cage is a must. Stick to powder coated or stainless steel cages with your large macaws and cockatoos. All cages should allow your bird to open his wings completely, turn around without touching the bars, and – just for fun – hang upside down and make a silly face. Utilizing a cage with a playtop makes keeping large birds easier as it saves the space of having an extra playstand, so you don’t have to skimp on cage dimensions.

The smallest bird cage we’ll talk about here is the Maui Mansion Convertible Playtop cage at 36 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 55 inches high inside, with 1 inch bar spacing. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking it is unfit for a large cockatoo! Any Umbrella cockatoo could head-bang without worry of their crest hitting the ceiling. I have personally owned one of these cages and can vouch for the durability of its powder coating, easy-rolling casters, and resistance to rusting. This cage is subtle enough in its construction to blend in with your usual home decor, and the convertible playtop makes an separate playstand optional rather than necessary. Two feeder cups and perch pop easily into place so your playful cockatoo can come right out as soon as you’re home from work! With three feeder doors on the cage itself and optional seed catchers, this cage is built to please as well as last.

For our feathered friends who prefer a permanent playtop, the Kilauea Kastle Playtop cage is the perfect choice. With two arching ladders, two feeder cups, and plenty of room to bounce around, this permanent playtop is sure to please any cockatoo or macaw, and their owner. At 40 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 43 inches high inside, this cage is just a bit wider than the Maui Mansion. Take advantage of the space with an extra perch! The Kilauea Kastle is unique, however, because it has 1-1/4 inch bar spacing. Make sure your parrot is a strong climber and agile navigator when considering this model! Durable, non-toxic powder coated bars, three feeder doors, optional seed catchers, and an extra breeder door make this cage a complete package!

Before you make your final decision, though, you’ll want to check out the Hanakoa Heights Convertible Top cage. The largest cage on our list at 40 inches wide by 32 inches deep by 62 inches high inside, with 1 inch bar spacing, this cage is beautiful as well as functional. The elegantly arched top and many color options allows this cage to become statement piece in your home – and a safe, lifelong home for your parrot! The top opens to convert to a playtop with the simple addition of a perch. And, unique to the Hanakoa Heights, is a fold-down balcony so your parrot has many perching options to choose from! With plenty of room to hang quite a few fun shreddable and chewable toys, you’ll never have to worry about your parrot being bored. Three feeder doors, a breeder door, easy-rolling casters, optional seed catchers, and bird-proof latches makes this cage an all-around winner in our books.

Finding a cage that combines safety and fun is easy with Bird Cages 4 Less – even for your largest Moluccan cockatoo! You can browse our full selection of cages on the large or extra-large bird cage tabs on our full site. Check back with us all month long for other styles of cages for all the members of your feathered family!


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The March Cage Series: Large and Extra-Large Parrot Playtop Cages

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