As springtime goes into full swing, and we all have new bird cages to decorate, let’s shower our birds with new perches in April! We are not just bird cages at Bird Cages 4 Less. We have a great selection of perches in many different styles, and in every size you can imagine. So, invite your companion parrot to sit on your shoulder –┬áhis favorite perch – and learn something new about the perches your feathered friend should have!

Is your pesky parrot reluctant to eat a formulated pellet diet? Maybe he enjoys pellets, but vegetables are totally out of the question? Using a vitamin and mineral supplement is usually recommended but commonly available formulas call for them to be added to the water – how can you be sure that your feathered friend is actually drinking it? Plus, the formulas may facilitate bacterial growth in the water dish – yuck! How can you give your parrot a mineral supplement without polluting his water or food? It’s easy – give him a calcium and mineral perch!

While using a mineral perch is merely a supplementary measure, you’ll find a great selection of such bird perches at Bird Cages 4 Less! As you continue to introduce your picky parrot to fruits, vegetables, and pellets, you can provide one of these great perch options to stimulate his mind, beak, feet and leg muscles in the meantime. All of our mineral perches come with washers and wingnuts so they attach quickly and easily to your bird’s cage – you just have to pick out the correct size and the perfect placement! Since these perches are also gritty enough to clean beaks and file nails, these may be the perfect addition in front of your bird’s food dish – he’ll have the perfect spot to sit for a snack, all while taking care of his nails, exercising his feet and legs, and he can wipe his messy beak on the perch! It’s an all around win.

Have you ever heard of macaws and parrots in the Western area of the Amazon rainforest eating clay and dirt? The Manu clay deposits in Brasil are a tourist attraction for humans, and a lunch buffet for the native parrots! While it isn’t absolutely known why wild parrots visit the Manu deposit to consume clay in such numbers, it is speculated that the clay may neutralize toxins in the natural foods they eat, or provide necessary sodium in their diet (source). This Manu Mineral bird perch replicates this natural phenomenon, all in the safety of your bird’s cage! The texture of this molded perch will help keep your parrot’s nails trim, and keep his feet toned, all while his beak is busy chewing this edible perch. Formulated to contain nine essential minerals (calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium) this simple perch is packed with a multitude of benefits!

2016-03-26 12.49.15 (1)Friday the Congo African Grey (pictured left) is no stranger to mineral perches modeled to look like cholla wood. Her parront, Wendy L., says that Friday likes to perch here when it’s time for bed. Her favorite use of the perch, however, is as a chew toy! Friday will sit on her platform perch for a better angle at which to gnaw the mineral perch.

Some birds have an affinity for fruity flavors – just like some people! To get those parrots interested in mineral and calcium perches, we carry the Tooty Fruity perch. Crafted a little differently than the Manu mineral perch, the Tooty Fruity contains bee pollen and calcium. What’s the buzz about bee pollen, anyway? Since pollen is made of the reproductive spores of flowers and other plants, it’s a naturally concentrated source of amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals. All of these benefits are easily absorbed by your bird’s system as bee pollen is all natural – and this perch contains about 15% pollen. But, that isn’t the only source of goodness; The Tooty Fruity perch is supplemented with 100% digestible ground calcium to support strong bones, and may help prevent hypocalcemia in African Greys like Friday!

If you’re not too sure about bee pollen, but think your bird would enjoy a fruity flavor, we have the Cuttlebone & Calcium bird perch, as well! Made with approximately 50% real cuttlebone, this perch provides a 100% digestible source of calcium in a colorful and flavorful package. The rough, uneven surface prevents pressure sores on feet while having the ability to groom nails and beaks! This perch is available in orange, pineapple, and strawberry flavor and three sizes to appeal to any parrot in your flock!

Cleaning these perches is a little different than your standard wooden perch. Since they are edible, you do not want to use any kind of cleaner or solvent to remove debris from the perch’s surface. Instead, soak in water and wipe clean with a paper towel or cloth. The use of cleaning sprays will not help to remove debris any more effectively, and runs the risk of your parrot ingesting cleaning residue if it isn’t properly rinsed.

Have you ever used a mineral perch with your birds before? We’d love to see pictures in the comments section below! Keep checking in with us all April long as we explore the many perching options we have to offer at Bird Cages 4 Less. You can see our entire selection of perches on the Perch tab on our full site.

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The April Perch Series: Calcium and Mineral Parrot Perches

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