Birds love to perch and play on swings. You can choose from a variety of swings ranging from wood, plastic, beaded, and more.  Bird swings are an inexpensive, practical way to encourage total body exercise. These engage your bird’s legs, torso, and neck to work off excess energy and strengthen and tone several muscle groups. They also keep your bird mentally alert as he shifts and balances his weight.

Swings give your bird a place to play and relax. Some birds like to chew on their swings while others just sit and enjoy having a different place to sit in their cage.

Keeping your bird mentally alert is important. A swing can help your bird stay mentally alert as he shifts and balances his weight. You’ll find a variety of swings to get your pet bird happy.  Click here to review our Bird Swings .

Paco’s pick of the month is the Triangle Swing








Heart Swing











Hanging Bird Fleece Swing









What type of swing does your bird like? Have a great day!







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Bird Swings

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