Parakeets are social birds that love to sing and play. Do you have parakeets? If not, you might want one after reading my blog! Parakeets love attention. They might enjoy having a partner and if not then you are their partner. Here are some fun and easy tips that will help you provide the best entertainment for you parakeet:

Chewing Paper- Yes, paper! You can roll paper into a small ball. Your parakeet will enjoy chewing on the paper or having you roll it back and forth with your feathered friend.

Singing & Talking- You will need to take time and have patience when working and teaching your parakeet to talk and/or sing. Listen carefully for muffled mumblings. Your bird will start to talk but won’t have clear words as a parrot.

Perching- Put your finger gently against her abdomen. When you do this say “up” and your bird will eventually associate the word with the stepping up action. This will help when you are getting your parakeet in and out of the cage. Also, how cool is that to have your sweet parakeet step up?

How do you play with your parakeet (or any bird)? Let us know!




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Playing with Parakeets

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