How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep? I’m guessing you are not focused and unhappy? Birds need 12-14 hours total sleep a day. When their sleep time is compromised, they can be a bit “grumpy” and show it in different ways.

If your parrot’s cage is in a spot where there will be people watching TV or talking late at night; don’t think your bird is sleeping just because he is covered.

Remember parrots are wild by nature; it is instinctive for them to stay awake under those covers until all is still and dark in the night.  This brings up another topic of where their cage is located.  The most ideal situation is to have sleep cages for your birds in their own room.  Of course, this is not always possible in some situations.

Having your bird cage where there is minimal traffic is ideal and supportive of appropriate sleep. As a norm, cages should not be located in a human’s bedroom for that same reason. Covering your bird’s cage at night will support an optimal sleeping environment.

Cage covers are a multi-use night-time accessory. Not only do they assist in blocking out light, but cage covers are also helpful in keeping dust and dander inside the cage and in keeping pet birds quiet in the morning after the sun rises. These bird cage covers often have helpful features such as Velcro closures and roll up openings.

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Sleeping Bird Beauty!

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