How do you make sure your bird is entertained when you are away? What about learning on the radio or a show? What methods do you employ to support a happy bi

rd when you are gone?

Introduce a new parakeet.
 Parakeets love the company and will welcome a new friend, especially if you’re often at work. If you decide to buy an additional bird, make sure that the cage is big enough for two parakeets.[9]

  • Separate the birds at first. Put them in different cages to let them look at each other.
  • Bring the cages closer after a few days. They will get used to each other.
  • After two weeks, put the new bird in the cage of the resident parakeet. Always monitor the reaction.
  • If any conflict occurs, separate the birds and try to reintroduce them again later

Turn on the radio. If you are often away, your bird might get lonely and depressed. It’s always good to turn on the radio or the TV and provide your bird with entertainment.

  • You could also record your voice and play it when away.
  • Make sure to put music you like. Your bird might start singing what it heard.
  • If leaving a radio or television talk show on, consider the language being used as your bird may repeat some of the dialogue.
  • Think about the volume. You don’t want the sound to be too loud as the bird must be given the opportunity to sleep.

Provide plenty of toys. Parakeets are playful animals and love toys. You can buy a great variety of them in your favorite pet shop. You should provide an assortment of toys to chew, explore and climb.

  • Birds need at least one new toy a month. Toys are a necessity, not a luxury, for birds.
  • Rotate toys regularly to keep them fresh and interesting for your bird and allow you time to clean them.
  • Toys will help keep your bird entertained and happy.
  • Try different toys to see which your bird really enjoys.
  • Any metal, except stainless steel, isn’t safe, because it could contain zinc.
  • Always check toys for safety, making sure there is no way your bird can get stuck in or on them.
  • Make sure toys are of appropriate size for your bird.

Place the cage near a window.
 Placing the cage near or in a window can provide an entertaining vantage point into the outside world. Your bird will be able to enjoy watching all the events that take place outside while you are away.

  • Avoid any windows with direct sunlight. This can be too hot and too bright for your bird to be comfortable in.
  • Check the window for any cold drafts or air. If the window allows chilly air to pass through, don’t put your bird near it, as cold temperatures can be harmful to it.
  • Make sure your window is shut. Even if your bird is in a cage, take no risks. The bird may find a way out, or something could find a way in if the window is open.


What works for you? Please share with us!

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