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Having a Playstand is critical to the development of a properly socialized bird. Knowing by now that your bird should not play on top of its cage, on your shoulder or head, or anywhere else above your eye level, the importance of having a Playstand made from the proper material is critical.

We have a variety of affordable priced Playstands. Exercise is critical for your bird and a future blog will be dedicated to exercise.

Standing on hard, slippery perches hurts your bird’s feet, plain and simple. This is why a perch is a must and standing on the top of a cage is dangerous. Your bird’s feet are designed to grip natural bark perches. Here are some tips on what to expect from your bird with a Playstand:

-Chewing on perches is natural; there aren’t many chew toys in the rain forest.
-Chewing is fun, but gnawing is critical. Gnawing is how parrots keep their beaks shaped and conditioned. Most wood used for parrots is either too soft or too hard for gnawing yet BirdCages4Less has products that are strong and appropriate for your bird to gnaw and chew.

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