Cockatoos are beautiful birds that have a lifespan of 40-60 years. This bird will be with you and your family for quite a long time. Most that purchase a cockatoo have an understanding that a cockatoo is a lifetime investment.

For your safety and the birds, it is important to make an educated decision when selecting this large bird cage. You need to properly suit the needs of your parrot. There is a selection of Cockatoo cages that have play stations on the top of them that you may want to consider for your pet.

If space is limited this is a solution to provide your bird with a safe place to play and to call his own while spending time outside of his large bird cage. It is recommended that large parrots spend at least 3 hours a day out of their birdcage to provide them with more exercise and social stimulation.

Most cockatoos are not small birds and they’ll need a cage that is large enough for them to flap their wings and move around comfortably. The minimum size you need is a rectangular cage that is four feet high. It should be three times the wingspan of your bird.

Always purchase the largest cage you can afford and that you have the space to accommodate.

Your cockatoo will not be happy if forced to live in a small cage. They are active birds and need room to exercise. Check out our cages that provide good space and play stations to engage your cockatoo.



Kauai Kastle Playtop Large Bird Cage











Lani Kai Lodge Playtop Large Bird Cage











Maui Mansion Convertible Top- Large Bird Cage


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Buying a Cage for your Cockatoo

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