Pionus have amazing personalities and charm!  These amazing birds are gaining popularity. Do you have one? If so, tell us about your bird!

They have a reputation for being “perch potatoes” but I’m not sure they deserve that rep. The pionus we know may not be quite as hyperactive as some species, but they do enjoy playing with toys, climbing (or flying) around, and hanging out with their humans. They need interaction and plenty of enrichment just like any other parrot.

Pionus are also known for being more prone to becoming territorial about their cages, but there are some steps a Pi owner can take to reduce cage aggression. One way to avoid promoting cage aggression in any type of parrot is to give them a large cage — the smaller the cage, the more likely a bird will become territorial about it.

Another trick is to rearrange the interior frequently and even move the cage occasionally. Some people see a lot of success with having a separate sleep cage for their parrots, which also reduces chances that a bird will see the main cage as a nest that needs to be defended.

If all else fails and your Pionus remains cage aggressive, simply respect his space and don’t provoke a bird into biting you.

Many Pionus parrots enjoy playtop bird cages, and this style bird cage is one of the numerous ways to enrich the environment of your parrot. Playtop bird cages allow for plenty of exercise both inside and outside your pets home. Check out the following link for pionus bird cages: https://birdcages4less.com/page/B/CTGY/Pionus-Bird-Cages

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Bird Cages for Pionus!
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