Wow, it’s sure hot outside! Dangerous heat levels can have fatal outcomes for your precious bird. Just like humans, hydration and protection from the heat and sun are needed. How do you protect your bird?

If you don’t have AC then please make sure your bird has a fan. Air circulation is a must!  You do not have to direct a fan at the bird; rather place the fan in a window so air will move through the room.

Make sure your pet birds have a way to get out of direct sunlight. If you keep your birds in outdoor flights or part-time in outdoor play areas, they should have some type of shelter from the sun, either from shade trees or from some type of enclosure over part of the flight.


If you keep your bird near a window inside your house, the cage should be positioned so that the bird can always choose to get out of direct sunlight if it gets too hot. Remember that the sun changes direction during the day and that your bird can get overheated if no shade is available.

Here is a bowl you can attach to your bird’s cage:


Quick Lock Crock

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Beating the Heat!

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