Are you in the market for a new birdcage? Maybe you thought the cage was big enough when buying it but now see your bird needs more room? Moving is stressful for anyone and this includes your bird. Some birds are fine with a new cage yet most need some help in the transition. Here are some tips to help when getting your bird a new cage:

Place the Two Cages Side-by-Side

Instead of abruptly forcing your parrot to enter their new cage, you should simply place it next to their current cage for 5-10 days. This will allow them to grow used to it without entering it. You don’t even have to place them inside the new cage just yet, but instead, let your parrot view it from the comfort of their current home.

After a week or so has passed, your parrot should feel less threatened by this foreign object. This familiarity will make it tremendously easier for you to move them.

See if Your Parrot Will Enter

The next step is to open both the old and new cage doors to see if your parrot will fly in. Depending on your parrot’s attitude, this may or may not work. Don’t get discouraged if your parrot isn’t flying into their new home yet, as there are a couple other things you can do to encourage them.

For starters, make sure the new cage has plenty of familiar toys and perches inside. If your parrot enjoys a certain bell or stuffed toy, place it inside their new cage! This will create a familiar atmosphere that your parrot is already used to seeing.

Treats, Treats, and More Treats!

Another tip I’ve learned that’s helpful for moving a parrot into a new cage is to place some of their favorite treats inside it.

If your parrot loves treats as much as mine does, chances are they will have no problem entering their new home. Once inside, you should reward them with praise, petting, and maybe even a few extra treats 🙂

Make Their New Environment a Happy New Home

Now you are armed with helpful information to make a smooth transition to get your parrot settled into a new environment. If you follow these steps, your bird might start to love their new cage even more than the old one!

Birds are very much creatures of habit and routine. A new cage is a break in his safe routine. Some birds will see a new cage as being a scary new object
So let your feathered friend adjust to this scary object in his own time.

Some birds will adjust in a day. Others will take longer. But all birds will adjust and be happier and better off for having a bigger newer more comfortable cage.

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Transitioning to New Bird Cage

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