Does your budgie, or parakeet, like to sing? Maybe you often hear various sounds like singing or even hissing?  Knowing how to differentiate sounds that your budgie makes can help you support the best living environment. Here are some different sounds you might here from your budgie:

Happy Chirps

The single, staccato chirrup! or chirp! is probably the budgie’s commonest utterance. It’s the sound of busy contentment, and means your bird is happily getting on with his life. The noise acts as a non-stop reassurance that everything is okay, and helps bond the bird in his flock. It also has a “Here I am!” function, just in case anyone was worried about his whereabouts. It’s the kind of noise a bird that can’t stop making noises needs to make when there’s nothing of particular importance to say – a bit like a person who can’t abide silence and has to fill it with monologue.

Unhappy Chirps

The chirrup is a versatile sound. In addition to the context given above, it can be used for getting your attention, and alerting you to the fact that there’s no food or water, or some other cage-related problem. If the chirrup is a louder, insistent tweweet!, the budgie is getting excited. This can be due to the proximity of new birds or bird sounds (chirruping sparrows shouting through an open window, for example). He may be shouting a contact call, in the hope of a reassuring response from his companions, (or from you, if you are the main companion). It can also be a sign of escalating alarm, in which case the chirruping will soon turn into squawking.


Parakeets love to sing when they are happy and content. Singing is often done in groups and it lets members of the flock know that they are safe at the moment. A budgie’s song can consist of chirps, trills, whistles and any other sounds your bird has learned. A constant stream of sounds from your budgie when he is acting relaxed simply means that he is feeling good and enjoying himself.


A chattering parakeet may seem to be mumbling to himself. This is a sign of contentment and feeling safe. He might also use chattering to get another bird’s attention or as part of courtship. Some budgies will spend a lot of time chattering at their own reflection, almost as if they are trying to attract the great mate they see in the mirror.


Screaming can take on many forms, like a short yelp, a long distressed cry or a shriek. It’s not easy to mistake a scream though, since it’s a loud call for help. A scream means something is wrong and your budgie might have been startled, hurt or frightened. If your budgie is not hurt physically or in any real danger, put a cover over his cage to help calm him down and make him feel safe.


Budgies don’t hiss quite like snakes or cats, but make a sound that is probably best written as “Tsssssssk!” Your budgie will make this sound when he is feeling defensive or angry, or is trying to warn you or another bird to get out of his space.


What sounds does your budgie make?








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Singing Budgies

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