Do you drink enough water each day? Most people do not but how about your bird? Having clean water available for your bird is a must. Looking at your bird every day can help you make sure that your bird is healthy.

When humans are dehydrated the skin becomes dry, eyes are sunken, the body is weak. Guess what? The same symptoms happen to your bird. Checking and changing your bird’s water every day will help you get a good idea of what is normal for your particular pet. Here’s a list of physical and behavioral changes that could indicate your bird is dehydrated:


Skin Elasticity

If your bird has areas of skin where there are no feathers, check for dehydration by pinching gently and lifting a section of skin and then releasing it. If the skin takes longer than a second to go back into place smoothly, then your bird likely is dehydrated. Reduced skin elasticity is a common symptom of dehydration.



A lack of energy often is one of the earliest signs that your bird may be experiencing some level of dehydration. If your bird stops chirping, singing, flying, or playing with his toys, or generally is not showing a normal level of interest in his environment, check to make sure he has an adequate water supply and is consuming enough water to maintain a normal level of hydration.


Elimination Habits

Adequate hydration is necessary for almost all physical functions, including elimination. If your bird is mildly dehydrated you may notice that his droppings are not as well formed or solid as they normally are. If your bird progresses from this point to become moderately-to-severely dehydrated he may produce very dry droppings or stop having bowel movements altogether.



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Hydration is a Must!

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