Canaries are beautiful and energetic little birds. They can live up to 15 years so finding a good cage is important. Cages for canaries should be at least 20 inches wide with 2 perches…one at each end of the cage. This is the bare minimum. In fact, I feel a little uncomfortable recommending 20 inches. 24 inches wide or wider is much better. Have at least 24 inches the bird can flutter back and forth between the two perches and get plenty of exercise.

Canaries are delightfully beautiful with a song that would brighten anyone’s home. The variety of Canary breeds available spans from a spectrum of desired characteristics. There are three categories of Canaries. ‘Type Canaries’ are bred for their fancy feathers

Housing your Canary away from window draughts and near kitchen fumes is very important. Strong smelling household cleaners should also be avoided. For your Canary to be happy he is going to need a variety of bird toys such as bird bells, bird mirrors, and little bird swings. Your Canary also would benefit from perches with varied dimensions to help his feet stay healthy as your Canary will spend most of his time perching.

When choosing a Canary bird cage please make sure the space of the bars are 3/8 or 1/2 inches apart. Otherwise, your Canary bird could slip out of his bird cage or get stuck between the bars. Canaries are almost as famous for loving to bathe as they are singing! Canary baths are available such as the JW Pet Insight Bath cage accessory that both you and your bird will enjoy.

Bird Cages 4 Less has a variety of flight cages and bird cages for canaries. Choose one that fits your style and budget, then sit back and listen to your Canaries beautiful song for years to come!

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Canary Bird Cages

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