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This is my final blog series in keeping your bird safe yet some of the information might surprise you. Did you know that the first time you use Teflon pan, fumes come off the pan that can kill your bird? Please share with me any other methods to keep your bird safe that I may have missed.


Bedroom Safety

Most people keep their bird in a cage but some let them have free reign in the house. Some even sleep with their birds. I recommend keeping your bird in a cage when you are not with it. Birds are smart and curious. This combination can lead to accidents or fatal outcomes. 

To keep a sleep cage in the bedroom has no health risks however you’d need to ensure the bird would not get disturbed, for parrots need 10 to 12 hours uninterrupted slumber.


Toxic Household Item

  • Substances like bleach. I clean the aviary and bird room with solutions of F10 disinfectant. My vet uses D10 and that cannot be a higher recommendation for me.
  • Perfume is debatable. Some people will use it; others avoid it.
  • The same goes for candles and incense. I know natural scents are delectable to birds. They love being surrounded with roses or blossoms.

If you need to use any caustic preparation simply ensure the birds cannot come into contact with it and rinse the object thoroughly. It can actually become fun to see how much you can avoid harsh chemicals.

The evidence of what is noxious for birds and what isn’t is not easily available. However, a useful spin-off in keeping tabs is becoming aware that many chemicals are dangerous for them (and not especially good for us) so finding an alternative source will be good for them and for us. 



  • Paint fumes and birds: Without being over-cautious, you can adopt the sensible precaution of thoroughly airing any rooms where walls have been freshly painted.
  • Insecticides: These contain chemicals lethal and unpleasant to us. They should not kill birds but are best avoided. Easy to do.
    When I fumigate poultry runs or aviaries against mites or other insects, I first remove the hens or birds, treat the run or cage, wait until the product smell has dissipated before bringing them back in.
  • Wood burning fireplaces and your birds: I have never found that the smoke from our two wood-burning fires bothers the birds once I had taught them not to land on the hot top surface.

What tips do you have to share about bird safety within the home? Have an amazing week!





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Bird Safety: Bedroom, Household Items, and Fumes

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