Injury to your bird can happen in any room of your house. This blog will focus on the bathroom and laundry rooms. Do you see any hazards in these rooms? I think many times we overlook simple areas in our house that could create a problem for our fine feathered friends.


Bathroom hazards

This bird is having a great time but a sink could be a dangerous place for your bird. Bathrooms can be almost as hazardous as kitchens, and extreme care should be taken if a bird is allowed in this room of the house.

  • Prevent access to water in sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, and jacuzzis, since drowning could easily occur.
  • Place decals on large mirrors to prevent your bird from flying into them.
  • Do not use a curling iron in the presence of a bird, since the iron may give off PTFE fumes.
  • Keep all medications, including vitamins and supplements, out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Keep other potentially poisonous items, such as shaving cream and lotion, aerosol hairsprays, hair dyes and permanent solutions, and cleaning supplies, including toilet bowl cleaner safely stored.

Laundry room hazards

The laundry room is another area of the house that poses multiple threats to birds.

  • Use care when placing or removing laundry from baskets – your bird may have found the basket to be a good sleeping place.
  • Keep the doors to the washer and dryer closed, and watch very closely as you load and unload the laundry. Birds have accidentally been trapped and killed in these appliances.
  • Do not use hot irons in the presence of birds due to the danger of burns and PTFE fumes. Spray starch is also toxic.
  • Keep detergents, fabric softener sheets, liquid softeners, fabric dyes, bleach, and other potentially toxic laundry supplies safely stored out of the reach of children and pets.

Heat sources

Burns are a common injury in pet birds and can occur from a number of sources other than kitchen appliances.

  • Never allow your bird in a room where there is an open flame from candles, fondue pots, heated potpourri pots, or other sources.
  • Keep your bird caged when using a space heater or fireplace. Even if glass fireplace doors would prevent access to the fire, the doors themselves can be very hot. Also, always keep the damper and doors to the fireplace closed when it is not in use.
  • Radiators can also pose a risk of burns.
  • Light bulbs, especially halogen ones, can become quite hot, and remain hot even after being turned off. Be sure they are cool before allowing your bird access.
  • Keep matches out of the reach of birds – they can be toxic.


What suggestions do you have for bird safety in the kitchen, laundry room, and by heat sources?



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Bird Safety: Bathroom and Laundry Rooms

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