Paper Plate Owl Craft: make a cute owl from a paper plate

Most of us are working from home and that means juggling your kids and work. Here is a fun list of activities you can do with your child that is about my favorite topic- birds. I will have a series of fun activities to do at home over the next few weeks.

Birds Arts and Crafts

artsShredded Wheat Nests
Materials: Large shredded wheat biscuits, glue or maybe marshmallow glue and candy eggs
Activity: For each child crumble one large shredded wheat biscuit into a bowl. Add 1/4 cup white glue or melted marshmallow. Help the child pile the mixture on top of a plastic lid. Let child shape into a nest and add the eggs.

Cheerios Bird Feeder
Materials: Big pipe cleaners and Cheerios.
Hook one end of pipe cleaner and have children add Cheerios until 1 inch from top. Bend pipe cleaner over Cheerios so they will stay on. Make the pipe cleaner with Cheerios look like a J. Hook over tree limb for birds to enjoy.

Bird feeder
Use large coffee can with both ends cut out, then cut a piece of wood that goes just about 1/2 way up & put in both ends, then hook a piece of wire on the top so you could hang it. Paint. Send home a Ziploc bag full of bird seed with each feeder to start them out.


Bird in a Nest
Make a bird in a birds nest by giving them half a paper plate, let them add skinny brown rectangles for twigs. Use some real twigs if you have them, and pieces of string, and whatever else you may have to glue on plate for the nest. Then either do a footprint in yellow, add beak, eye and legs, or dip the side of their hand in yellow (or whatever color their bird is) paint & add fingerprint toes, then beak, eye & legs. Glue bird into nest.

Robin Eggs
Paint on egg shaped easel paper with blue tempera paint that has sand added. These make pretty robin eggs.

Paper Plate Owl
You will need paper plates (the kind with the ridged edges), circles of orange construction paper for eyes. V-shaped pieces of orange construction paper for bills and claws, a magic marker, brown tempera paint, and glue.
Using the magic marker, draw cutting lines on each paper plate at 10, 2, 5 and 7 o’clock, and along the inner edge of the ridges (these will be the wings). Have the children cut their plates on the lines, then have them paint the pieces of the paper plate with brown tempera paint and let dry. Staple the owl’s wings to the bodies for the children (or use brads for more movable wings). Have the children glue the eyes, beaks & claws onto their owls.

Rainbow Birds
Newspaper, scissors, 1 paper plate, paints, paint brushes,glitter (optional), Stickers (optional), white glue,1 six inch piece of pipe cleaner, tape, 2 cut out circles one bigger than the other (smaller circle is head)
1) Cover your work area with newspaper. To make the bird tail, cut a 6 inch circle out of a paper plate or use a 6 inch paper plate. Cut a narrow strip off the bottom of the paper circle. Paint the paper circle. or decorate with glitter or stickers.
2) Glue the bird Head to the bird body ( little circle on top of big circle) Glue the bod to the bird tail. Make face any way you want.
3) For the legs and feet, fold the pipe cleaner in half. Bend each end of the pipe cleaner out about 3/4 inch. Tape the feet to the back of the bird body. Adjust the feet so your Rainbow bird will stand up. (The bird should look like a Peacock or turkey)

Materials: 1 large & 1 small pink pompon
Pink & yellow pipe cleaners
Wiggly eyes
Pink feathers
Make legs with about 4″ of pink pipe cleaner. Glue to big pink pompon Cut two 1″ pieces of pink pipe cleaner & twist around bottoms of legs to form feet. Cut one 2″ piece of pink pipe cleaner for neck. Glue between big & small pink pompon. Cut small piece of yellow pipe cleaner to make beak. Glue beak & wiggly eyes if you want to use them. Glue two pink feathers on each side of big pompon.

1 large & 1 small yellow pompon
Orange pipe cleaner
Wiggly eyes
Yellow feathers
Glue pompons together. Cut two orange pipe cleaner pieces about 2 inches long, twist centers together, glue on for feet. Cut small beak out of orange pipe cleaner glue to face & add wiggly eyes. Glue some yellow feathers if you like.

Bag Owls
Loosely stuff a bag full of crumbled newspaper. Bring the top together & fold the two outer edges in toward the center & glue to form a point. Fold the point down. Cut eyes & feet from construction paper & glue to the owl. Big grocery bags will make grandfather owl, small candy bags turn into baby owls, & all sizes between are the flock.

Squawking Toucan Beaks
Provide each child with a snow cone cup. (cone-shaped) Let them decorate their “beaks” with colorful markers. Allow them to spend some time on this project. You may want to hang some colorful pictures of real toucans near the table to show how colorful toucans are. Use a hole punch to make a hole on each side and tie a piece of yarn to each side to hold the beak onto the child’s face.

Birds Of A Feather
Things you’ll need:
Four Large feathers
Four colors of paint on paper plates
Construction paper
Small, fluffy, colorful feathers
Let the children use the feathers to paint a light and airy picture. Remind them that the less paint they put on their feathers the more feathery the painting will be. When they are finished painting, let them stick small, fluffy feathers into the paint.

**adapted from childfun**

We hope you are well. Please share your ideas!



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